Standard Size


Block Maximun Size : 70mm x 30mm

This stamping block is suitable for Custom Made Desktop Calendar, Birthday Card, Chinese New Year Card and Red Packet
You can save more which share and use back the only 1 stamping block for those products.

Terms & Conditions
1) The hot stamping block can be re-used for future order.
2) For atwork preparation, customer need to fill in form with exact information
    ( including capital letter, chinese words and symbols, etc)
3) All artwork will be prepared according to the information provided in the form ,
    all information is consider as final.
4) All information will be gather in one time only, including the soft copy of logo, etc.
5) Only licensed insurance company logo is FOC, others are subject to extra charges.
6) No artwork revision will be email to customer.
7) If extra email revision requested, RM5.00 will be imposed on each round.
8) Further charges will subject to extra charges.

Stamping Block Sample - Standardize Layout & Size


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 19 September, 2009.